Predicting the future of software development, automation, and AI to help humans challenge the digital frontiers

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Pillars of the DGX technology group

Vertical SaaS producer
Vertical SaaS platform that uses a unique production strategy based on pre-fabricates to enable software production 10x faster and 10x cheaper
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Autonomous AI engine
Prompt-less AI platform with chatbase interface to build new types of AI applications. A marketplace for upcoming prompt-less and AGI-related apps
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Autonomous AI agents studio
Autonomous AI application and agents studio. Giving AI the ability to help humans not only by advising but also by executing strategies and supervising other machines
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DGX Venture Building
Tech accelerator & PE fund
A tech-opening accelerator that allows single founders to prototype their MVP and POC ideas rapidly.
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DGX family members:

CampusAI is the world's first generative platform that transforms online education into a real adventure. It is dedicated to professionals from various fields who wish to use AI in a professional and ethical manner.
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Virtual fintech platform to help deal with settlements and payments in the freelancer space. A shortcut for all people and companies that would like to transfer money with a no-brainer strategy
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Over-the-top SaaS applications that enables enterprise companies to build addtional revenue streams, by attaching additional services to their existing clients
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A modularized IoT prototyping and production system. Build any smart device with help of 50+ pre-developed components. On top of hardware smablo develop a software engine for IoT cloud management
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Beauty Campus is a virtual franchise provider for the beauty industry in Poland and shortly across Europe. The focus is on consolidating the beauty market by providing edge technology for Education, Group Shopping, Business Management, and Bookings
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We believe that every unusual approach is a good step towards business success - that is why we want to engage in 'out of the box' angle projects. We do not exclude first-time, non-tech or single founders. We believe that right support and help in law, tech, business and sales fields is necessary on the path to success.
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We connect future companies with those who finance the future. Open scouting platform that stimulate innovation ecosystem. A smart connection between startup library and Virtual Deal Room
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AI-driven toolkit for small business. A platform that provide set of software tools powered by AI that helps small entrepreneurs to build, run and improve their business.
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Vertical operating systems developer. A studio providing SaaS and PaaS technologies to drive change in whole organizations and economies
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DGX team:

Szymon Piekarz
Denis Kuchur
Katarzyna Dubiniewicz
Piotr Danelski
Brett Riley
Jeremy Glover
Maciej Wozniak
And a set of the smartest:

software architects
solution architects
software engineers
hardware engineers
project managers
system administrators
quality engineers
ux developers
and supporters
DGX feed:
Poland's CampusAI raises $10m pre-seed to create metaverse to learn AI skills. The Warsaw-based startup has received backing from angel investor Maciej Zientara to build a virtual campus for AI training
Learn more aim to consolidate 10,000 entities under one strong brand, a virtual franchise, to which we will provide technological, substantive, educational and huge marketing support.
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From online shops and booking systems to video conferencing and sales tools. We are committed to helping SMEs from all sectors create new revenue channels, diversify and boost their profits.
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We weaponize humans with technologies. We aim to expand human potential with intelligent technologies, automation, and AI.